The Night Before Christmas At Grandma’s


It was the night before Christmas
When I sat down with my tea
To look at the gifts placed under the tree
Bags and boxes all wrapped up in bows
Watching outside as it gently snows.

The tree stood tall with it’s scent of pine
With twinkling lights shining so fine
Decorations of all sorts hung with care
Enjoying decorating together and the time we shared.

Then my mind turned to that Christmas
A long time ago
When a baby was born as the Bible said so
He was God’s own Son given to this earth
He was King of all kings right from His birth.

There were shepherds living in fields nearby
When God’s glory shone round them and they were terrified
Don’t be afraid the angel said
God’s Son who is born lies now in a manger bed.



Then the sky was brighter than any lights could shine
Declaring God’s praises the Almighty, Divine
Peace on earth the angels sang
As God’s praises throughout the Heaven’s rang.

For God so loved the world that He gave
His only Son so we could be saved
May the Spirit of Christmas live forever in our heart
As God intended from the very start.

The spirit of forgiveness, peace and love
Comes from God and His Son above.
May the Christ of Christmas always be
The One who lives in you and me!



Poem written by  Jennifer A Schwartz, Toronto, Canada ©2017