It’s the season for festivities, gift giving and receiving, Santa Claus and Christmas movies.  For some reason this year, I’ve noticed how some of the movies have depicted Santa.  He is kind, caring, and children and adults are drawn to him.  He listens and answers their requests.  The term “Christmas Miracle” has been coined a lot in the movies.

Why is it the season for giving?  It’s because God gave first.  He gave His only Son as His gift to all mankind.  His Son Jesus grew to manhood and gave Himself as a sacrifice for our sins so He could offer us the gift of eternal life.  All we have to do is ask Him.

I asked myself, “Why do children flock to Santa Claus?”  The answer is they believe.  They believe that Santa listens to them and they believe he will answer their requests.  We need to do the same with God. We need to believe that He listens to us and answers.  He gave His Son, and His Son gave his life.  What could we ever give Him?  I have the answer.  Our lives totally!

I urge you this Christmas to ask Jesus for His gift of salvation.  It is a precious gift He wants you to have if you will only ask Him.  He truly is the Reason for the Season.

From our home to yours a very Merry and Blessed Christmas.