There is something I feel very strongly about and alot of people may disagree with me and that’s okay.  I’m speaking about the recent news that Celine Dion has partnered with Nununu to develop her own clothing line.  I did abit of research on this company.  The co-owners are Iris Adlar and Tali Milchberg from Israel.  The company was founded in 2009.


The basic colours are black, white and gray.  Each year a different colour is introduced. The clothing features letters of the alphabet, stars, skulls, words like NO and WHATEVER. There are Ninja hoods and hoods with horns.  The company was first called Black Sheep but a lawyer told them the name was taken.  On the suggestion of a friend the women called their company NUNUNU which is the Hebrew term parents use in Israel as a gentle, finger wagging way of saying “No, no, no, don’t do that.”


Ms. Adler said that their shirts that say NEW ORDER is to show that they’re trying to make a new order in the new world.  The plus sign is to emphasize a sign of equality.  Names used to describe their clothing are trendy, self-expression and alternative fashion.

After partnering with Celine Dion the new line’s motto is, “Celinununu unites two forces by one voice: fashion has the power to shape people’s minds, inspire your children to be free, and find their own individuality through clothes.”

I’ve greatly respected Dion over the years – her singing, her family values but after watching the video she made to launch her new clothing line that has all changed.  I’m greatly disappointed and had to add my voice to those that are now speaking out.  Monsignor John Esseff was the first to speak out calling the clothing demonic so I checked on line to watch the video and was appalled as was my husband.


The first thing I have to ask is why on earth is the background a baby nursery?  She’s sneaking into the nursery and after being wrestled to the ground says that it’s okay because she’s Celine Dion.  So???  She feels it’s her duty to save these poor babies from their stereotype pink and blue blankets.   Why does she have to be dressed in all black with heavy black eye makeup and blowing black fairy dust? The entire scene and message has a creepy and sinister feel to it from beginning to end.


At face value this may all seem like a good business venture.  I looked over alot of the clothing line and the children doing the modeling are not smiling.  To read their expressions you could almost write captions under them like, WHAT YOU LOOKIN’ AT, GET OUTTA MY FACE, WHATEVER.  I have to say it looks like these kids are more in bondage than “free” as the Nununu motto boasts.


Parents, grandparents, we need to beware and read between the business lines here. Our children are at risk. Our basic rights are being stripped away from us to raise our children our way and not the way that celebrities and style dictate.  I’m not being naive.  I know from experience as a kid growing up that I wasn’t cool because I wasn’t wearing the newest fashion.  We brought up our own children to know that it was okay to be different. How? By not bending to fashion rules dictated by Hollywood and fashion designers.  They didn’t feel any less inferior.


I encourage anyone reading this to do your own research and then form your own opinion. I know that it was worth my time and effort to do so.  My personal rule of thumb is that if I have a bad feel about something then something must be wrong and I better find out why.