I’m inviting you on a train ride.  The train has a name: L-I-F-E.  As the train rides along, there is much to see. There are mountains.  Some are quite tall and some not quite so tall.  Some of the mountains have

names such as: sickness, failure, hardship, trouble.  There are curves and bends that make it impossible to see what lies ahead.  There is uncertainty as to what lies beyond that next bend.

Then there are tunnels.  Long and dark tunnels.  The darkest seems never ending, almost suffocating but finally a very small ray of light can be seen at the end of it.  It is a light that fills us with hope and expectation that the train will burst forth into light, escaping the darkness; and it always does.

There are beautiful landscapes such as lakes and rivers along the journey.  Some are quite breathtaking.  Of course there’s all sorts of weather on our journey.  Sunny days are the best and are always what we would wish for, but along with these days come days with howling winds, sleet, snow, and rain.  It

covers the windows making visibility nearly impossible.  Things are out of focus.  The train is pushed and buffeted.  It feels like it’s going to give into the storms and derail, but it resolves to stay on track.

Finally it reaches its destination.  It pulls into a breathtaking station called H-E-A-V-E-N.  Words cannot explain the splendor, the awesomeness and beauty, the sights and sounds.  Such singing! Such joy and happiness!  Look!! There on the platform!!  All of our loved ones who took a train before us are waving and cheering and waiting to welcome us home.

This train has a very special Engineer.  His name is Jesus and He has tickets for this ride.  They are going for the fantastic price of FREE.  All you have to do is ask Him for one.   It will cost you nothing but it cost Him His life.

When you ask for the ticket you will notice is says S-A-L-V-A-T-I-O-N written in red.  That is because His blood was shed for that ticket.  When you ask, He puts your name on it and marks it PAID IN FULL.

When you travel on the train of LIFE, you have to put your complete trust in the Engineer.  No matter what mountain, what curve, what valley, or what storm,  you’ll stay on board.  Don’t pull the emergency cord and get off and be left standing at the side of the tracks.  What disappointment and sorrow it will be for our loved ones who are waiting to welcome us home.  Let’s not do that to them or ourselves.

As we travel this train called L-I-F-E, let Jesus be your Engineer.  Accept with thankfulness the free ticket He is offering you.  Cherish it.  He’s never had a derailment yet.  Hear Him calling: “ALL A BOARD”!

Looking forward to challenging ride and a fantastic homecoming!